No Hot Water

So, with it being ooooh….40 degrees or below I would like to take a nice hot shower after a night at the gym. But, living in a house with a man that takes longer showers than anyone I know can leave me with…you guessed it. No hot water! You guys, I was freezing! I tried to wait until maybe we got more but I was so tired! I can not tell you how fast I got in and out of there. Why can’t people be more considerate?

To make matters worse, our heater is busted. So, cold shower? Check. Freezing apartment when I get of said shower? Check! Just one of those nights I guess, huh?

Be considerate. If you know that another person has to shower after you then please save them at least five minutes worth of hot water. That is all I have to say.


Tell me how I did!

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