Stinky Feet

Hey there all! So after a long day at work I like to come home and relax. Take my shoes off and read a blog or two, maybe pop some popcorn and just chill. Well today for some reason when I took my shoes off my feet straight up stunk! PeeeYeeew! I have no idea why they stunk so much. Maybe it’s because I was wearing tall boots and thick socks and me\y feet sweated, I’m not to sure. All I know is I could, and still can smell them from the floor.

So I have a question for you guys. Do you guys have bad BO when ever you sweat? I know odd question but hey, what else are you up to?


Cat’s Are Great…Sometimes

This one goes out to everyone that has a cat. We love them, we do but, sometimes they just drive us completely mad. One second they want to love and snuggle on you and the next they want to claw your eyes out.

For instance today my little Prince was the sweetest thing ever! He crawled up by my face and just laid there with his arm over my neck. So it looked as if we were snuggled up all night long. Then tonight when I get home he is so cranky! Is he upset because I left him all day? Did he not get enough food? Man, I wish we could talk to our pet’s and they talk back to us.

Another thing that drives me crazy is in the dead of night they run and play. Now, we live in an efficiency apartment. Meaning, my apartment is all one big room (except for the bathroom). So, you can guess what happens when they decide to play at four in the morning. Whenever they decide to do this Colton likes to play a game of, “Who will sleep in the bathroom tonight?” Usually it is our fat cat, Prince.

I know that they may seem bipolar and crazy at night but I wouldn’t give them up for anything in the world. I love the trouble and mischief they get into. I love the fact that when I sit down on the couch Mittens runs over and lays in my lap and lets me pet her. I also love when Prince is in a loving mood he gives little nose kisses. So, even though they can be huge butt-heads at times. I love them as if they were my own children and would do anything for them. 14450010_10205786969708102_6226697559214360236_n

No Hot Water

So, with it being ooooh….40 degrees or below I would like to take a nice hot shower after a night at the gym. But, living in a house with a man that takes longer showers than anyone I know can leave me with…you guessed it. No hot water! You guys, I was freezing! I tried to wait until maybe we got more but I was so tired! I can not tell you how fast I got in and out of there. Why can’t people be more considerate?

To make matters worse, our heater is busted. So, cold shower? Check. Freezing apartment when I get of said shower? Check! Just one of those nights I guess, huh?

Be considerate. If you know that another person has to shower after you then please save them at least five minutes worth of hot water. That is all I have to say.